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MYPOS Connect is at the centre of your business, it's reliable multi user, multi site scalable Point of Sale software for modern retail worldwide.
However POS is just one piece of the puzzle, MYPOS Connects....to Payment platforms, ERP systems, e-commerce platforms, CRM applications and more​


Windows Based EPOS Solution
MYPOS 8 has been deployed in 16 countries worldwide for regional, national and multi national Hospitality and Retail operators and integrates with a variety of industry standard Payment, ERP and CRM Applications. Custom and niche integrations are also possible.

MYPOS Connect portal

Cloud Reporting & Back Office
MYPOS Connect Portal is our Cloud Reporting and Back office system, allowing operators and their management teams easy access to data for reporting and exporting along with full back office functionality for managing and updating the MYPOS EPOS system from any internet connected device.

MYPOS CONnect monitor

iOS Reporting App
MYPOS Users can access their system reports and monitor activity in real-time across their stores, including reporting on users, products and devices.


iOS Stock and Ordering App
MYPOS Connect Stock is a iOS app for quick and easy management of stock functions, it makes light work of stock counts, re-ordering, receiving in deliveries and more

MYPOS Connect Loyalty

iOS White label Loyaly App
MYPOS Connect Loyalty is a white labeled Loyatly app allowing your customers to collect, redeem and manage points accrued from your MYPOS Loyalty Module

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