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Meet the MYPOS Connect Senior Team.

Jonathan Cranford
Andrew Cranford
Chris Heath
Director of Operations
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Director of Resources

Who We Are

We have been providing our own EPOS since 2001. Profitable, employee owned and self-funded so we can concentrate on providing the best service and products to our customers.

We are still small enough to be personal, and small enough to be fast. These are two important factors that larger companies just cannot and do not provide.

We have a well-designed set of EPOS software. We are only here as a technology company after all this time because we re-engineer to stay up to date again and again.

Some of our operations employees have considerable experience as managers at Hospitality and Retail companies. Some of our employees have experience as systems designers for ERP and Accounting packages as well as for EPOS.

Our core strength is Systems Integration. When you need your EPOS system to integrate with any or all of ERP, CRM, Accounting, E-Commerce and other software then talk to us.

Our Story so far

The story starts with two old school friends, Jonathan Cranford and Paul Leach. Paul had successfully built a business in Worthing based around a bakery that included a restaurant and four sandwich take away shops. Jonathan had recently moved back to the UK after setting up the USA entity for WinMan ERP systems. The new company, Identivue Limited, was working at the time on some character recognition software.

Over a Sunday Lunch in September 2001, Paul mentioned in passing that he was having yet more problems with the EPOS system that he had brought only eight months previously. Despite having cost nearly £4,000 at the time, the local EPOS company that had supplied the system, was unable to support the software. Jonathan offered to visit the restaurant and have a look to see if he could resolve the software problem.

The following morning, the software problem was quickly resolved and the idea MYPOS was born.

Over the years the software has been re-engineered from the ground up many times to keep up with the changes in technology. We still have many of our original clients from twenty plus years ago, a testament to the philosophy that the system must always work and the support must be there when they need.

We now proudly provide our systems across the world and we specialise in integrating MYPOS Connect in with your other systems for accounts, e-commerce and management. We are well versed in working with businesses of all sizes who are brand new to direct retail or Hospitality or scaling up their estates or entering new markets.

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