MYPOS Connect Portal

The core of our solution, MYPOS Connect Portal is our browser based back-office system for systems management and real time access to sales data.
MYPOS Connect Portal features real-time reports, dashboards and has optional Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) functionality, to allow users to build their own bespoke datasets.  Reporting can be automated and customised, allowing reports to be sent hourly, daily, weekly or monthly.
The back-office functionality of the MYPOS Connect Portal allows users to manage and run their MYPOS Connect POS applications remotely from any internet connected device - allowing for prices, promotions, products, users, stock and more to be updated in near real-time.  
Functionality and reports can be granted to users on a granular level, so users only have access to areas of the MYPOS Connect Portal that they have authorised access to.
As the MYPOS Connect Portal is browser based, it is always the latest version, with perpetual updates for functionality and security and no need to ever install or update an App.
The MYPOS Connect Portal is hosted on our cloud servers, and features strong password encryption, auto lockout and optional two factor authentication to keep your data secure.

Get StartedMYPOS Portal showing Back office functions. Import, update & manage products across multiple stores