22 Years Strong

Navigating the Evolution of EPOS with a Strong Commitment to Customer Service

Andrew Cranford
January 23, 2024

We are quietly congratulating ourselves at MYPOS Connect.

Next week, it will be 22 years since we went live with our first EPOS system at Hogarths Café in Worthing, Sussex.   And in the 22 years since, we have always had a commitment to prioritising customer service and support.

Over more than two decades, the landscape of EPOS, payments, technology, business, and client expectations has undoubtedly evolved.   Our dedication to providing excellent customer service and support for our clients over the two decades in this evolving environment has been a key factor in our success.

In the rapidly changing world of technology and business, our focus on customer service remains a crucial element for building and maintaining strong client relationships.  It not only helps in retaining existing clients but also contributes to attracting new clients through positive word-of-mouth and reputation.

The owners of Hogarth Café sold their business a number of years ago.  However, our second and third clients, respectively Regency Restaurant in Brighton and Donatello Restaurant also in Brighton, remain clients to this day.

And as our business has grown, our dedication to providing excellent customer service and support has grown.  This Christmas day, our team supported our clients with their normal day to day business operations in Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, and Turkey – without a single issue.

As a business, we continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape, exploring how emerging technologies and trends can further enhance our customer service and support. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and cloud services offer new opportunities to streamline and improve our operations, gain insights into our client’s behaviour, and provide personalised support.

Our commitment to customer service and support over two decades has been a testament to our adaptability and resilience, but above all, it has been a testament to the quality of our product.