Keeping up with technology to help you serve your customers

Jonathan Cranford
May 28, 2024

The importance of keeping up with technology is fundamental to what we have always done at MYPOS Connect. We recognise that, as a group of programmers, we see this as extremely important, whereas for our clients busy servicing their customer’s needs, we appreciate that this might be seen as merely a geeky interest. There is method to that madness and I am hoping here to give some examples!

Constant software development is essential for keeping a company's software products ahead of its competitors, this can be seen clearly in so many areas of life from banking to fitness to health to business products such as modern accounting systems. This is definitely true for payments; loyalty apps and expectations of customers who want to order, browse, look up and interact via online or mobiles. Ten years ago, our clients went to banks to get credit card devices and the majority of credit card machines were rarely integrated with our EPOS software.

Customer expectations are constantly changing, for example, we are all slowly getting more used to paying by our mobiles for tickets, in-store, from apps for click and collect etc. Therefore, ongoing software development ensures that our software products remain relevant, innovative, and competitive in the market.

By continuously updating and improving our EPOS software, our clients’ businesses can adapt to emerging trends, incorporate new features, and address customer feedback promptly.

Regular software updates not only enhance the functionality and performance of our EPOS software, but they also demonstrate our commitment to end customer satisfaction and product excellence. In an increasingly digital world, customers expect seamless experiences and cutting-edge features from the software they use. By staying ahead of the curve through constant development, we are able to differentiate ourselves from competitors and maintain a loyal customer base.

Furthermore, continuous software development enables us to stay agile and responsive to market dynamics and customer needs. Everywhere we look, we see EPOS systems that are getting old and have no easy upgrade path. Our new systems always provide a clear path from older hardware to newer hardware, as and when our client is ready.

By leveraging agile development methodologies and iterative processes, we can quickly build on our products, incorporate user feedback, and pivot when necessary. Ultimately, constant software development is not just about staying ahead of competitors but also about meeting the evolving needs of our clients and driving sustained growth and success in the market.