MYPOS Connect APIs:

Why are MYPOS Connects APIs so powerful?

Jonathan Cranford
December 19, 2023

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. An API allows software to extract, add, share, delete and update data. It allows software to operate on the front end with the data being handled on the back end. APIs are everywhere, the majority of apps on your phone that access data, for example a banking app, weather app or ridesharing app, all use APIs to send and receive data.


APIs offer a controlled and secure means of exposing certain functionalities while keeping other parts of the system or the data hidden. This allows developers to manage access to sensitive data and operations, ensuring that only authorized users or applications can interact with specific aspects of the software. Additionally, APIs often come with authentication and authorization mechanisms, enhancing overall system security. For example, in MYPOS Connect an API might allow you to read a Product table but perhaps not update it.

MYPOS Connects own APIs

Although we push that we have been in business for twenty plus years now, we are only here because we continue to redevelop from the ground up, taking advantage of the lessons we have learned and the latest technology. To this end all of our latest systems are full rewrites but are also all based around the MYPOS Connect APIs. These APIs control the access to the data for all of our systems. This not only accelerates development but also allows for quick adaptation and scaling of applications by our developers as needed. By using standardized APIs, our developers can add to existing solutions with new functionality.

MYPOS Connect and integration with third party software via our APIs

APIs enable different software systems to communicate and interact with each other, they play a crucial role in the development of modern software by promoting interoperability between systems, allowing scalability and rapid development, and gaining access to external services.

Examples of integration between MYPOS Connect APIs and third-party software.

The list of our integrations is all but endless. From keeping track of the weather when a till starts for better analysis to sending sales to SAP or Salesforce, these are all achieved via using our APIs and those of third parties.

MYPOS Connect, as the Point-of-Sale Touch Screen Till Software, often needs to integrate with Accounting packages for example. Integrations include Xero, Quickbooks, WinMan, Caliq, SAP, Salesforce. Most commonly the sales are being sent over, perhaps as a summary of just the days sales by store, or perhaps in full detail, especially if the order needs to be shipped from a warehouse. Likewise, those same systems can all be used for external stock control measures.

MYPOS Connect, as the EPOS Touch Screen Till Software, often needs to integrate with different payment systems, for example from Adyen or Worldpay or Dojo as payment system providers. APIs are used to create Pay By Links allowing drop shipments and click and collect orders to be processed.

MYPOS Connect also uses Loqate APIs for address cleansing and data lookup, and it provides SMS messages via API calls. Bartenders latest label cloud offering is via API calls.

So exactly why are they so powerful?

The latest and greatest MYPOS Connect software is all built on and around the new APIs that our own developers designed and developed. MYPOS Connect is all developed in house. Integration with other systems including ERP and accounting packages has all been developed inhouse by MYPOS Connect developers. Our APIs have been written by us to serve our clients faster.