MYPOS Connect Unlocking Success:

How MYPOS Connect's EPOS Software Powers Popup Store Prosperity

Simon Bird
October 18, 2023

How MYPOS Connect's EPOS Software Powers Popup Store Prosperity.

In the world of retail, where innovation is the key to success, popup stores and cafe's are emerging as dynamic trends. These temporary retail spaces provide a unique opportunity to captivate consumers. But what sets apart successful popup stores? The secret often lies in efficient sales, inventory management, and exceptional customer experiences. Enter MYPOS Connect, the game-changing Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) solution revolutionising popup store operations.

Why Popup Stores Thrive with Reliable EPOS Software.

In the fast-paced world of popup stores, efficiency and reliability are paramount. These short-lived ventures demand a dependable EPOS system to keep up with their ever-changing demands. Imagine a bustling popup store where sales are brisk, inventory levels fluctuate, and customers expect seamless transactions. This is where MYPOS Connect's latest  V10 POS Software steps in, rebuilt from the ground up by our in-house developers with over 20 years of retail and hospitality expertise.

Our new V10 POS software is perfect for small tablets like the Microsoft Surface Go, designed for all-day mobile use in rugged cases. Coupled with small combined cash drawers and printers like the mPOP from star micronics, and our iOS software for iPhone tills, the installation process becomes seamless.

Payment Options That Work for You.

With MYPOS Connect, you have a range of payment options at your fingertips. One standout choice is the DOJO terminal, offering great battery life and seamless integration with our tablet solution. This eliminates user errors in fast-paced, on-the-go environments. You can also explore the power of tap-to-pay with iPhone till, running your mobile store while securely accepting payments via phone and emailing receipts.

Effortless Inventory Management with MYPOS Connect.

Say goodbye to inventory headaches with MYPOS Connect. Our iOS and Android stock app simplifies stock reconciliation in real-time. Scan product barcodes directly with your device's camera, eliminating the need for paper sheets and hours of re-keying. Easily record items as wastage with just two clicks. The MYPOS Connect Portal's Back Office functionality allows you to manage your EPOS remotely, updating pricing, promotions, products, users, and stock in near real-time, 24/7, from anywhere.

Real Success Stories .

Consider the story of Chilli Beans, who needed a reliable POS system in a small package for their ECO container. We designed a solution around the Surface Go tablet and our V10 software to ensure they thrive, even in busy shopping centers with poor internet connectivity.

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