Why Choose MYPOS Connect

as your EPOS Provider

Luke Peach
November 21, 2023

Why Choose MYPOS Connect as your EPOS Provider?

Here at MYPOS Connect we have been providing our own EPOS software since 2001! Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of clients, our current client base is extremely diverse, from small family run businesses to multi-national corporations. From this experience we have been able to constantly improve our software, from taking feedback from our clients in the hospitality and retail industry.

We are still small enough to provide the personal touch to our customers, with being a small company we make decisions fast. Most of our team are based in the same office; therefore, we openly discuss customers needs, and feedback, our developers can then work closely with our business analysts to make tweaks to our POS Software.

Our employees have worked in wide range of different backgrounds. Including managerial positions in retail & hospitality to system architects for ERP systems.

So, why choose MYPOS Connect as your EPOS Provider?


All our software including our APPs and EPOS software has been designed and built in-house by our development team. Our new flagship software MYPOS Connect 10 has been build from the ground up over the last couple of years using .NET Maui – it was important to us to use this platform, so our software can be used on multiple operating systems including IOS, Windows and Android. MYPOS 10 works completely via our own API Calls, due to these our clients’ developers can seamlessly integrate with it using our APIs – we also integrate with various software providers, find more about that later in the blog.

MYPOS 10 is a “Cloud & Local” solution, therefore if the internet goes down during trading hours the local database kicks in and payments can still be made. Once the internet is restored everything will be synced to our servers. Find out more about this by reading another one of our blog posts about Online/Offline by clicking here.

Systems integration

Here at MYPOS Connect we believe we can integrate with almost any public API; we currently integrate with a wide range of different software from ERP Systems, CRM Systems, E-commerce Sites and accountancy software. We always try to look at the most popular systems by asking our customers “what do you use?” then, these are added to our list to integrate with.

With our own Public API’s our clients can develop their own solutions to push and pull data from their own software to and from their MYPOS system allowing almost limitless integrations with MYPOS Connect.


We have clients worldwide; therefore, we need to offer support around the clock! We offer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Our support team is based in the UK and in Australia, as we are a small team our support team get to work closely with our developers and operations team to get valuable knowledge to use with our end-customers.

Our support team are our testers for our new software updates, this way they get to be come experts in the software they support day-to-day.


Everything we do here at MYPOS Connect is in-house, from our development team to our operations team to our installation team. This makes it easier for us to communicate, develop and change our software in a quick turnaround.

As everyone is under the same roof, we regularly share our knowledge and our employees like to get involved in every aspect of the business (maybe not development, we leave that to the experts!!) – this makes it a breeze for our sales team to demo software to prospective clients and for our support team to understand exactly what is being worked on.

Consultancy & Implementation

From our 20+ years of experience, we have worked with clients who are looking to expand their business internationally to clients who are starting their retail journey from the ground up. We pride ourselves from working closely with our clients, and taking on board exactly what they want, we can recommend and advice; from recommending payment providers to advising on local fiscal laws.

We are always happy to help, and normally there is someone in the team who has experience on the questions asked...

Hopefully the above has given a brief overview of what to expect if you choose MYPOS Connect as your EPOS supplier! There is plenty more than we can offer, to get in contact with a member of our sales team to see a demo of our software please click here.