Our Solution

We have been helping our clients with their POS, payments and systems integration for 23 years.
MYPOS Connect is a complementary eco-system of App’s, payments, API’s and services for EPOS, and has been developed and built with the real world understanding of our clients from the last 23 years.
• MYPOS Connect Portal
• MYPOS Connect v10  
• MYPOS Connect Inventory
• MYPOS Connect Loyalty
• MYPOS Connect Merchandising
• MYPOS Connect Pay & Go
• MYPOS Connect v8
• API’s & Integrations
• Payments
• Secure Link Services
• Client Support
MYPOS Connect is a SaaS application, built and developed in .NET MAUI and is the centre of a complementary eco-system of App’s, API’s and services for POS.  We have been using Cloud technology since 2007, with built in operational functionality for when the internet fails.   
All of our software is designed and developed by our own team of developers, based in the UK.  Our client support is based in the UK, EU and Australia and operates around the clock, 365 days a year.
Want to learn more about how MYPOS Connect can help your business?
Talk to one of our experts, we will be more than happy to start an informal discussion on how we can help.  

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