MYPOS Connect Pay & Go

Built on our Quick Order Web technology, MYPOS Connect Pay & Go enables your customers to self-serve, without needing to download an App.  Your customers simply scan a QR code, or Tap an NFC chip for:
• Table Orders
• Takeaway Orders
• Hotel Room Service
• Queue Busting
Designed to maximise your ability to sell, when your staffing resource is limited.   
Your customer scans a QR code or taps an NFC chip to process and pay for their order.  Tips, Gratuities, Item Customisation and Item Modifiers are all configurable.  Once completed, an order can be sent to a receipt or prep printer, emailed to a pre-determined email address or viewed on our Kitchen Display System.
Want to learn more about MYPOS Connect Pay & Go?   
Please contact us to talk with one of our experts, we will be more than happy to help and organise a demonstration.

Get StartedA phone showing QR ordering for EPOS system integration