MYPOS Pay & Go

MYPOS Pay & Go is our new contactless ordering web app for your customers.

Created for the Hospitality Industry and Ideal for Takeaway Orders, Hotel Room Service, Queue Busting, Reducing No Pays from outside seating areas and more.

Designed to Maximise your ability to sell with a limited number of staff and Minimise orders without payment, your customers can start a purchase simply with a scan of a QR Code

Orders can be printed to networked receipt or prep printers, emailed to a pre-determined email address or you can use our touch screen compatible 'order viewer' to receive and view orders.

Tips/Gratuity & Item Customisation/Modifiers are both supported out of the box making this the perfect value add service for your hospitality venue.

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A phone showing QR ordering for EPOS system integration

Easy Food & Drink Ordering

Ideal for Hospitality...
Customers use their mobile phone to scan a QR code printed on a menu or at the table to identify their location, and then use the web app menu pages to select and order food and drink, and pay in app, ideal for large outdoor seating areas, temporary events and hotel room service.

Queue Busting

Reduce the need for your regular customers to queue by letting them place and pay for their order in advance, allowing them to skip the till and head straight for collection.

Perfect for high volume fast service cafe and coffee bars

Hotel Room Service

Provide Hotel Room Service without the need to integrate with a PMS, MYPOS Pay & go means the customer can view, choose and pay for room service food, beverages and more just by scanning a QR code in their room from any mobile device.

Payment is taken up front by Card so you can rest assured that there will be no disputed room service bills on check out.

No Pay Walk Outs

Use MYPOS Pay and Go to protect your profits in your outside seating areas, by ensuring that your customers who sit outside or at remote seating areas have ordered and paid up front you can reduce the amount of staff needed to supervise these tables.

MYPOS Pay and Go removes the chance of the customer leaving without paying as payment is taken up front by card and allows you to reduce your labour costs.

Takeaway Collection Orders

If you offer Food or Drinks to takeaway for collection you can avoid the high commissions charged by third party ordering apps, use a MYPOS Pay & Go QR code in your menus and advertising.

Ensure that your takeaway collection orders are paid up front and that more of the revenue ends up with you!


Click & Collect

MYPOS Pay and Go can also be utilised for Retail
Customers scan a QR Code or click a link on your stores website or social media to be launched into your Quick Order Web store, customers then select and customise their items and pay in app ready for in store collection

Queue Busting

Reduce the need for your customers to queue by letting them order and pay for items in advance, allowing them to skip the till and head straight for collection.

Perfect for Busy Trading Periods like Christmas