Pay As You Go Support

Identivue Limited Pay As You Go Support

All times are UK local time

MYPOS Pay As You Go Support includes:

  • Helpdesk access via the web portal, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays).
  • Helpdesk guidance via the web portal with procedural and MYPOS system capability questions.
  • Explanation of MYPOS generated error messages.
  • Update of IP address for MYPOS Cloud (to a maximum of 3 updates per month, additional IP's at charge of £35 per IP).
  • Addition of e-mail addresses for MYPOS Portal Access (to a maximum of 2 per month, additional users at charge at £35 per user).
  • MYPOS software version updates subject to hardware compatibility.

MYPOS Pay As You Go Support does not include the following. This can be quoted and billed based on actual hours

  • Assistance with user problems that occur during normal MYPOS operations.
  • Assistance with basic or day-to-day configuration of MYPOS.
  • Re-configuration of MYPOS.
  • Report modifications.
  • Systems development.
  • Installation of new / additional modules, systems and functionality.
  • MYPOS systems training.
  • Hardware repairs.
  • On site call outs.
  • Operating system security patches, fixes and configuration-specific updates.
  • Operating system upgrades.
  • Systems maintenance.
  • Network support.

MYPOS Helpdesk & Systems Support (PAYG)

1st May 2023, v.2023.1